General FAQ

What if a part breaks? Can I get spares?

Yes, all Bisect parts for the current construction/manufacturing process are listed on the website under our
Parts and Accessories page.

You can order by phone: 530.559.1292 or email us:

Do Bisects surf the same as a one piece?

If the clamps are adjusted properly, you can’t tell the difference while surfing.

More TravelBoard Info

Multiple piece hull engineering, coupled with legendary shaper-designer talent have combined years of surfing and surfboard shaping experience to bring you a unique combination of form and function.

Not only do you now own a high performance, molded, epoxy Travel Board, but you also have the following “NorthshoreTravel Board Bonus Features”:

  • Travel with less board damage and expensive surcharges. (Your Northshore Travel Board will pay for itself in airline fees saved if you travel frequently).
  • You can take your Northshore Travel Board by train or bus anywhere.
  • No more theft worries. You can keep your board inside your vehicle when parked, stored overnight, or when going to a restaurant after surfing.
  • Keep your board (in its padded custom bag) with you at all times in the trunk, behind the front seat, or? (Especially if you’re a traveling salesman! It’s always with you!) NO MORE RACKS!
  • You can ship your Northshore Travel Board by UPS or Airfreight anywhere in the world easily for minimum cost in it’s protective bag.
  • Take it with you in a private airplane, stow it neatly in your sailboat or cabin cruiser. When you find surf, your board is there!
  • When traveling, take your board up the elevator and into your hotel room for safety. (In its protective carrying case, no one knows what’s inside)!
  • Other uses and conveniences? (Let us know your experiences!)
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Your new bisect and or trisect Northshore Travel Board is a monocoque (shell constructed), high strength, lightweight, molded epoxy Travel Board. This process blends aerospace construction techniques with the very best composite materials. It’s not indestructible but much stronger and more durable than light weight conventional foam and glass construction.


We suggest you take your Northshore Travel Board apart each time after you surf it and wash it off before placing it back in its travel bag. Always re-pack it in its custom padded bag. Be sure to store the fin, the center tube, and clamps in the zippered pocket inside the bag every time. If you don’t replace the parts into the bag/pouches you might get to the beach and not have those parts available.


When your new board arrives, unpack the box, unzip the protective bag and remove the following parts:

  1. Your Surfboard/SUP: Your board is packed in two halves or three sections (depending on the model) then placed in the bag so the rocker nests together with the bulkhead faceplates at either end
  2. The Center Tube – Found in its protective sleeve inside each travel board bag
  3. The Center Fin, Side Fins (when applicable) Clamps, Hooks, Strikes, Screws, Hex Key and Clamp Covers – All found in the Velcro pouch’s inside each travel board bag
  4. We suggest you take your Northshore Travel Board apart and wash with fresh water each time after you surf it.

Much Aloha,

Mike & The Team @ Northshore Travel Boards

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Terms of Sale:

A.) All sales are final
B.) No returns or exchanges once boards are shipped and or delivered
C.) As insurance is purchased for every shipment, the customer is
responsible for checking the contents of a shipment and following up with
the freight company should there be shipping damages.

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